Hive Entrance Obstruction?

  • 08 Jun 2015 9:35 PM
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    Deleted user


    Thank you for your speedy reply.  I immediately took your advice and now all is well.
    Thank you again,
    Dave Tretheway

  • 07 Jun 2015 10:20 AM
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    Misty Lee (Administrator)


    I haven't seen your hive.  However, the bees hovering out front are probably no problem.  As the hive gets more populous, and on a strong nectar flow day, the returning foragers stack up before entering the hive much like airplanes at a busy airport.  As long as they don't feel like its consistently causing a traffic jam (and trigger swarming).

    The restriction near/in the entrance, however, I'd clean out.  You'll want to make sure they're not building this additional comb because of running out of room (either by the follower board being too close, the brood chamber being honeybound, or the hive being just too full) which could trigger swarming.  You could move the follower board, add empty top bars checkerboarded in the brood chamber, or transplant a frame or two of brood to another hive to help alleviate the crowding.

    That's my opinion.

    Allen Engle

  • 06 Jun 2015 6:11 PM
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    I have started my first hive buying Italiano variety from Liddell's in Sisters 5/2/2015.  The package was placed in a Kenyan style top bar hive with a view window.  The grandkids love it!  To date the hive has flourished, but yesterday I noticed the 2" diameter entrance to the hive some visible comb built up to the entrance.  Today there is a plug/mass of bees trying to get in and out with several bees (20-40) hovering over the hive.  I am not sure if my observation is normal as the hive population grows, or is this worrisome bee behavior.   My question is are the bees smart enough to fix the apparent obstruction that has been created or should I intervene?

    Thank you for your help and expertise.


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